Winter 2018/19: November - April

Our 2003 Girls have team training every Sunday. Team training is 2 1/4 hours long, with 3x 45 minute blocks targeting different physical/technical/tactical aspects of the game. In addition, they have Strength & Conditioning on Tuesday nights and Futsal on Thursday nights.

Team Training

*NOTE: Team training times are only published through Mar. 10 because we want to be training outside as much as possible starting at this point. However, our partners will not allow us to schedule this far out. The remainder of the schedule will be posted early February once we're able to secure time.

Session 1: 

In order to give your bodies a break from a long and tiring high school season, the team will only have 1 session per week on Sundays, which will be used simply to warm up then play.

  • Sunday: Team Training.
  • Tuesday: Field 4 (Warm-up Space) will be reserved from 6:30-7:45 each week for the players to come and use for technical work & strength/conditioning. This session will be led by players.
  • Thursday: The team will not play Futsal Session 1.

Session 2:

We will start to ramp things back up in January. The Tuesday night Strength/Conditioning Session and Thursday Futsal will be added and Sundays will be more of a training environement.

  • Sunday: Normal team training resumes.
  • Tuesday: S&C led by coaches 6:30-7:45pm.
  • Thursday: Futsal, 2-3 teams.

Session 3:

We will continue the same schedule from S2, but add in outdoor trainings whenever possible.