The answer is simple...

At Far Post, we are dedicated to providing the best possible training and competition for players with a passion and love for the game of soccer. Our mission is simple: to maximize player potential through the nurturing and development of our players and their talent in a fun, competitive environment. We pride ourselves on our philosophy of total football, innovative training, and top level coaching. As a club, it is our duty to offer our players more than just the chance to win soccer games.

Here is what sets us apart:

    • Far Post was founded on the Dutch style of total football that revolutionized the game in the 1970’s ⎼ this is why we wear orange! We train our teams to play possession with a purpose, and focus on developing technical, intelligent, team oriented players who can be successful on any future high school or college team.
    • Curriculum based upon progression of core concepts in line with US Soccer Development Initiatives. This model is mirrored in the orientation of our indoor training facility, which has been redesigned with a warm-up/agility space, smaller technical area, and larger tactical space.
    • Holland Trip: We offer our U14 teams the opportunity to travel abroad, train with national team coaches, and play matches against local teams.
    • April Training Weekend: Our club spends the weekend at Golden Goal Park in Fort Ann, NY. All players U11-15 stay in cabins with their teams and spend the weekend training, playing games, bonding, and preparing for the outdoor season.
    • Futsal: This 5v5 game gives players 10 times as many touches as traditional indoor play. This fast-paced game forces players to develop their technical ability, quick thinking, and in-game problem-solving.
    • Passionate, committed, demanding, competitive, and knowledgeable - this is what you can expect from our staff. We have current and former college coaches and 2 full-time employees on our staff who help craft the best experience for our players and serve as valuable resources in the college selection process.
    • Producing College Players: Our club consistently produces the most successful college players in the state. More than 100 Far Post alumni are playing in or have played in college, including National Champions, All-Americans, Academic All-Americans, Regional and National Players, and Captains. Far Post has a way of delivering what players need to make it and thrive at the next level.
    • State and Regional Success: our teams consistently win state championships and the club is an ever-present at Regionals.
    • Core Values: Progress, Education, Service. These words are inscribed on our crest as a daily reminder of our commitment to promoting an environment where players can grow, learn, and give back. We are a family, with a special bond formed between players, coaches, and parents that you won't find anywhere else.
    • Through athletic competition our players learn valuable life skills that help them achieve in the classroom and beyond. Sports are meant to teach you real world skills and Far Post will never lose sight of that.
    • College Selection Process: It’s important to find a school that will offer you both the academics and soccer opportunities that will allow you to succeed in life. Far Post will help you find the right fit at Division I, II, or III.
    • Age Group Directors of Coaching: Our age group DOC's standardize curriculum and age group priorities. This also allows DOC's to focus on smaller groups of players and monitor their development. LINK
    • Fitness/agility space: we have created a new turf space in our facility for warm-up, agility, and fitness work before team trainings and futsal games. This has allowed us to lengthen all training sessions by 30-45 minutes while also allowing for proper warm-up and activation exercises before our players start playing. We have also incorporated more of a strength & conditioning element for our oldest players.
    • More training time: Our indoor training sessions are 2 hours 15 minutes for all teams U13+.  We also secure more outdoor training time throughout the year to better serve our players during the winter.