Program Objectives

Vermont is a unique place in the best possible way. Unlike other areas, high school soccer is a large part of your playing experience and we do not want to fight this; we want to complement it. We also understand that our player pool in this state is much smaller than other areas, and that players at this age will inevitably have different reasons for playing. We want to serve you all.

The current model does not serve our oldest players. Here is why we feel there is a need for change:

  • HS-aged players have different goals
    • Some want to play in college, some don't--or aren't sure yet--while others play multiple sports. Carrying a large roster and not forcing players to attend events allows us to serve players with a variety of goals and commitment levels while not diluting the experience for those that want to do more.
  • Prevent Burnout --> Introduce Periodization Model
    • Give players rest/recovery time after a grueling HS season
    • Indoor season can be very long and does not necessarily serve these players
    • Make sure they are peaking/resting at the right times
  • Not enough opportunities for players in July/August
    • Players can still travel, attend camps, etc., but we can provide consistent training opportunities for those that are around over the summer months.
    • Allows for players to be better prepared for their high school seasons.
  • Vermont weather
    • Why fight the weather? Instead of training on a small space indoors when we have no immediate need to prepare for any events, we want to shift our season so that we are taking advantage of the nice weather and training outdoors through the summer.