College Soccer

Players in this age group are approaching a critical juncture in their life: college. With this comes a lot of uncertainty, questions, and anxiety about how to find the right social, academic, and--for many--soccer fit. While we do not force kids to play soccer in college, we want to make sure that every single Far Post player has the opportunity and resources available to them.

Far Post players go on to go to college at a very high rate. Every single player that graduates from Far Post is also capable of playing college soccer at some level, it's just a matter of what their priorities are and also making sure to not sacrifice their future in order to have this opportunity.

All of our coaches at this age group have played and/or coached at various levels of college soccer and are more than willing to help interested players navigate this difficult process. But, we feel strongly that this process needs to be driven by the player. If you think college soccer is something you want to commit to, reach out to your head coach to get the ball rolling.