U15-19 Premier (2003-1999 BY)

U15-19 Premier Overview

Starting with the U15 age group, our emphasis and approach begin to center on preparation for college soccer. Now, we know that not every player will play in college, which is absolutely fine. However, we tell our players to prepare as if they plan to play in college and then the decision will be in their hands when the time comes. Every single player that graduates from Far Post as a U18/19 will be able to play college soccer at some level if they choose.

Our curriculum focuses on empowering players to make their own decisions and express themselves within a broader tactical plan. We supplement our Vermont Soccer League season with tournaments and showcases that challenge our players and give them exposure to a variety of college coaches. Our rosters are much more fluid at the oldest age groups, with players often getting the opportunity to play up if it suits their development.

Our coaches have a wide range of connections and work individually with players to help them find the right college fit, whether soccer is a part of that or not. We are always looking to do what is best for each individual player and work with them to find their pathway.

U15-19 Schedule Overview

U15-19 Schedule Overview


Almost every player in our club at this age will be busy with their high school team at this time of year, so we do not have any training or games scheduled. We feel that high school soccer is an important part of a player's experience and do not want them to lose this. Our coaches do try to make it to as many games as possible to check in on the progress of each player. We also have formed good relationships with each high school coach in the area so that we can have an open dialogue.



Before heading indoors, our U17/18/19 teams will likely go to a showcase around Thanksgiving somewhere in the Northeast. This is one of the biggest recruiting weekends of the year and vital for exposure to college coaches.

Primarily, this is our indoor season at our home base, the Robert E. Miller Centre North at the Champlain Valley Expo in Essex Junction. The only thing that is mandatory is the team training session, with additional opportunities each week for those that want more. Our emphasis at this age group is to train for particular showcases, so there will be periods where they do less, then others where they are ramping up training to be ready as the showcase approaches. Our players will also have 1 futsal (5v5) game each week, which they can opt in/out of.

Boys: Team training on Sundays, rotating time. Games Tuesday evenings.

Girls: Team training on Sundays, rotating time. Games Thursday evenings.

Extras: Technical training on the same night as futsal games (open to all). Wednesday afternoon Senior Academy (invite only).



This is our outdoor season. Teams will have 2 training sessions a week beginning May 1, likely at Veterans Park in So. Burlington or Centennial Field in Burlington. Teams will also have the option to compete in the Vermont Soccer League. Each team will go to a minimum of 2 outdoor showcases, with most attending 3-4. Tthe first is Memorial Day weekend in Massachusetts, the second is Father's Day weekend in Maine or NY. Many teams opt to go to an early-season tournament in March in the Boston area as well.

Our teams will also have the option to compete in the Vermont State Cup. Semi-final matches take place late May, with the finals on June 4. Those teams that win their State Cup will represent Vermont at the Region I Championships in Spotsylvania, VA June 29-July 4. All teams should plan on ending July 4, with those that do not advance to Regionals concluding their season after Father's Day Weekend.