U15-19 Premier Overview

Starting with the U15 age group, our emphasis and approach begin to center on preparation for college soccer. We know that not every player will play in college, which is absolutely fine. However, we tell our players to prepare as if they plan to play in college and then the decision will be in their hands when the time comes. Every single player that graduates from Far Post as a U18/19 will have received training opportunities to enable them to play college soccer at some level if they choose.

Our curriculum focuses on empowering players to make their own decisions and express themselves within a broader tactical plan. We supplement our Vermont Soccer League season with tournaments and showcases that challenge our players and give them exposure to a variety of competition and college coaches. Our coaches have a wide range of connections and can work individually with players to help them find the right college fit, whether soccer is a part of that or not. We are always looking to do what is best for each individual player and work with them to find their pathway.