U13-16 Club

Our U13-16 club teams offer a vital opportunity for players to continue to develop at a level that will allow them to be successful. When we evaluate a player, we look at their trajectory and where we think they will be at 18 years old. Is the player a good listener and willing learner? Will they be a loyal and contributing member of the club? If the answer is yes, we want to keep these players in the club and help nurture them, as everyone develops at a different rate technically, tactically, and physically.

Far Post provides the same curriculum & instruction to club players as they do to premier. The only difference is that our club teams do not compete in the VT State Cup and travel less out of state.


  • 07/08 Boys Club
  • 07/08 Girls Club 
  • 05/06 Boys Club
  • 05/06 Girls Club