2006 Girls Club Schedule

Winter 2018/19: November - April

Our 2006 Club Girls have team training every Sunday--rotating time--in order to avoid weekly schedule conflicts. Team training is 2 1/4 hours long, with 3x 45 minute blocks targeting different physical/technical/tactical aspects of the game. There is also a Skills Training on Saturday mornings, which focuses on developing individual and small-group skills and concepts. These are optional, but encouraged. The 2006 Girls will play futsal on Thursday nights.

Team Training

*NOTE: Team training times are only published through Mar. 10 because we will be moving some trainings outdoors and will have other teams traveling at this point. Once we hit February, we will be able to schedule turf time with our partners and release the remainder of the schedule.

Skills Training

Futsal Games (5v5)

The 2006 Club Girls will enter two teams into the Far Post U14 Girls Futsal Leagues on Thursday nights. Your team manger will have sent information on this and will sign your team up. You can find the schedule under the INDOOR LEAGUES tab on our website navigation bar, then click LEAGUE SCHEDULES & RESULTS.


For those looking for more, we offer a number of academy programs each week designed to target specific skills. These are an additional expense. More info can be found at the following link.

Jr. Academy Info