The goalkeeper plays a highly specialized position and requires a unique skill-set different from the outfield players. There are four (4) areas of concentration for goalkeepers to master in order to excel in the position: they must be proficient technically, tactically, physically, and psychologically. In order to work on these areas, a specific goalkeeper training environment needs to be established. In addition to specific goalkeeper training, the goalkeeper must be integrated in the daily team training (match-related scenarios) which will assist in the development of the goalkeeper’s skill-set. Tendencies, habits, cohesiveness, etc are also established with the outfield players through daily team training.

Our training is designed to split goalkeepers into 3 groups based on their current proficiency in our 4 concentrations.

  • Level 1: Introductory Phase. Very heavy technical training, with basic tactics introduced to help keepers in game situations.
  • Level 2: Intermediate Phase. Balance of technical and tactical training.
  • Level 3: Should be technically proficient, so most of the focus is on tactical mastery in this phase.

*Training groups will be communicated by Head GK Coach Scott McLoughlin. Players will move up/down as needed at the discretion of Coach Scott.