Far Post International Trips

International Trips Intro

Far Post has nearly 20 years of experience leading it's teams on international trips to help supplement their players' soccer development. These trips are far more than cookie cutter sightseeing tours. They are total immersion soccer experiences that the club has worked hard to create specifically for our club.

The U14 Trip to Holland has long been a part of the Far Post education and one which players look forward to from the second they join. We've recently added a trip to England for our U18's to show what the game is like at the next level as they reach the end of their playing time with us.

These trips are only open to Far Post players and a select few parent chaperones.

Please find more details on both of these trips below.

*2018 Dates: April 20-29*

Holland Trip - U14 Boys & Girls

Holland Trip Details

Far Post has been sending players and teams to Holland since it's founding as a soccer club back in 1996. Over this time, we have developed tremendous partnerships with the KNVB Dutch National coaching staff, the Ajax and PSV Eindhoven professional teams and youth academies, and with various other youth clubs in Holland.

Far Post wears Orange for a reason.

Far Post’s image and founding principles are based on the Dutch vision of soccer, known as 'Total Football'. This free-flowing, attacking brand of soccer revolutionized the game and the way people thought of it. In essence, positions became far less rigid while skill and creativity flourished. Players were encouraged to take risks and express themselves: something that we ask of our players every day. Far Post truly has an identity and image associated with the Dutch system and has created a Dutch Legacy here in Vermont. 

The Dutch theories and systems are a major part of our curriculum and how we develop our players. Many of our coaches have been on this trip and use the language and tactics in their training sessions as well. Our connection goes much deeper than an annual trip, a style of play, or the color orange. We have history and personal relationships that tie our club with the country.

This is an unforgettable experience and one that our players talk about for the rest of their lives.


  • The trip exposes players to professional KNVB coaching staff members and the Dutch vision of soccer.
  • International play: our pllayers are able to play 4 matches against Dutch teams and socialize with the players afterward.
  • Exposure to some of the best youth academies in the world – Ajax Amsterdam and PSV Eindhoven.
  • The opportunity to watch professional soccer teams in training and matches.
  • Fantastic team bonding experience.
  • An excellent “pre-season” training tool for the outdoor season.
  • Players come back with a new appreciation for the game.
  • Players come back with a greater commitment to the game.
  • Players are given a tremendous international “living” experience.
  • Players receive a cultural education component that adds to the value of this experience.

2017 Itinerary

Please click here to find this past year's itinerary. The structure of this will not change much from year to year so it gives you a very good idea of what the 2018 trip will look like.

The estimated cost for 2018 is $3,450. This includes flight, all meals, accomodations, and transportation. It does not take into account fundraising done by the group (roughly $800-900).

England Trip - U18/19 Boys & Girls

England Trip Details

Over the past 20+ years, Far Post has established one of the finest international training and playing models in the northeast. Each year we send our U14 boys and girls to Holland for 10 days to be immersed in the Dutch system of soccer, where they work closely with some of the best coaches from the KNVB (Royal Dutch Soccer Association) along with three of the top youth academies in the world (Ajax, PSV Eindhoven, and Feyenoord).

In 2010, the club decided to expand our international programs to another level. Far Post’s Executive Director, Todd Kingsbury, has been working closely with some of the top youth academies in England to establish yet another world class opportunity for our players to continue their soccer educations. Our U18/19 players will have the opportunity to travel to England during April vacation to spend a week training with some of the top EPL youth academies, play against top clubs, work with youth academy staff to learn what it takes to bring your game to the highest level, and see the best EPL teams play in person. The goal of this trip is to allow our players to experience what it takes to bring their game to the absolute highest level. This is NOT a soccer tour with sightseeing – This is a demanding international soccer training/playing experience that requires players to take everything professionally.


  • 2-3 days immersed at the following youth academies – Liverpool FC, Manchester United, and Crew Alexandra.
  • A minimum of 10 training sessions, video analysis of all match play by youth academy staff, lectures with professionals on nutrition/hydration, physical fitness, and ways to improve player performance.
  • A minimum of three matches against top English opposition.
  • Observe some of the top EPL teams train in person.
  • Attend two EPL fixtures.
  • Players will meet and shadow players their age at all of the youth academies we visit to get a sense of who these kids are and hear directly from them the sacrifices they have made to give them a chance to play professionally.

The cost of the trip is roughly $3,500, which includes airfare, all meals and transportation, entrance to professional matches and academies, and professional coaching.