2020-2021 Travel Team Payment Structure

2020-2021 Travel Team Payment Structure

Notes Regarding our Travel Team Tuition Structure for the 2020/2021 Season:

Total Tuition: No increase, same as last year.

Club Deposit 1: Deposit 1 secures your spot on the team.

Club Deposit 2: Deposit 2 is structured to reflect the uncertainty of the coming year.  In winter, we will re-evaluate our intended programming in light of then-current conditions.  If it does not look like we will be able to provide our intended programming, we will not charge for it.  

Monthly Installments: Have been kept low to help families' monthly budgets.


Coronavirus and Far Post

The COVID-19 global pandemic brought many challenges to the world in general and the world of sports in Vermont.  We are planning for the best, where the coming year proceeds as normal. However, with so much unknown about the future of the virus, we are making contingency plans in the event that we need to change paths. Our 2020/2021 Tuition Payment Structure reflects one aspect of our preparation and planning.  


Scholarships Available

Far Post’s Bill Kohlasch Scholarship Fund receives money from various sources including but not limited to charitable donations, special events hosted by Far Post and budgetary allocations as decided by the Far Post Board of Directors and Director. 

The scholarship fund is managed by the Director with support from the Far Post Board Finance Committee. Decisions are disbursed based on financial need. The board may develop additional policies from time to time to address allocation of available funds. 

Applicants must show a commitment to the game of soccer as demonstrated by their attendance in the program, hard work and willingness to develop their soccer skills. 

ALL PLAYERS receiving assistance through this scholarship fund are required to write a thank you letter and provide some voluntary service to the club or to their own soccer community. Scholarships are for TRAVEL TEAM PLAYERS ONLY and may not be used for any other services provided by the club.