DuBois Joins FP Staff

UVM Men's 1st Assistant Joins for 2019-20 Season

DuBois Joins FP Staff

Far Post is excited to announce that Adrian DuBois, Assistant Coach of the UVM Mens Soccer Program has joined our staff for the upcoming year. DuBois brings over a decade of college and club coaching experience to Far Post and will be instrumental in guiding our older players towards college playing opportunities.

“I’m very excited to work with Far Post,” says DuBois, who will head coach next year’s 2001-2003 Boys Academy Team. “I’ve worked with a number of clubs, but the vision for youth soccer development at Far Post is inspiring and a breath of fresh air. They clearly put kids first, which is how it should be.”

DuBois joins the growing list of UVM coaches on the Far Post coaching staff, which includes Brad Cole (UVM Mens Soccer Assistant Coach, Far Post Head Coach and U16 Director of Coaching) as well as Jared Cipriano (UVM Director of Soccer Operation and Far Post Head Coach).

In addition to coaching the 01-03 Boys, DuBois will be overseeing the placement of top UVM players as assistant coaches for Far Post teams and working to develop a stronger connection between the club and the UVM program. “We are thrilled to have Adrian on board,” says Todd Kingsbury, Executive Director. “He brings a wealth of coaching experience and his philosophy around player development aligns perfectly with the club’s. We are really looking to these experienced UVM coaches to assist with our coaching development initiative and further strengthen Far Post’s position as the top club in the state for developing young coaches as well as players.”

A stronger tie with UVM also helps Far Post gain greater access to the University’s quality facilities – both indoor and outdoor – to increase training opportunities for the club players. “With such limited outdoor turf options in the area, getting more time on Virtue is a real plus for the club,” adds Kingsbury.

Please join us in welcoming Adrian to the FP Family!