Preparing for a College Showcase

College Coach Email Checklist:

Subject: Include vital info (Ex. Grad Year, Position, Uniform #).

Salutation: Dear Coach [Insert Last Name],

Opening Paragraph: Brief introduction of who you are and why you're interested in their program. Make sure to include the name of the school and a piece of information about their program.

Personal Info: Grad Year, Position, Uniform #, GPA, SAT / ACT Test Scores, Club Team Name & Age Group, unofficial high school transcript, NCAA # if you have it

Honors: Things like 1st Team All State, All New England, Region 1 ODP, State Champion, etc. Do NOT list Free Press Athlete of the Week, Far Post Indoor Session 2 Champion, or Nordic Cup Champs.


  • Link to video (highlights, a full half, or both)
  • Intended major and why you are interested in the school you are emailing
  • **If it's a strong academic school (Ivy, NESCAC, etc.) then list academic honors.
  • Email and cell phone for your main reference (likely your club coach)
  • Schedule for that showcase. Just because a coach is not listed as attending the showcase you are going to does not mean you should not reach out!

Closing: Thank them for their time and include some kind of indication that you'd like to talk further.

Email Signature: First & last name, club team name, uniform number, email, and cell number


Extra Notes:

  • Make your email personal & succinct. Coaches want to know you are interested in their program & do not want to read a novel.
  • Make the most important information & data easily visible, don't bury them in a paragraph of text (you can bold them if you'd like).
  • List accurate and up to date GPA and test scores. Kids lie about these all the time, but coaches will find out your real info and, if you lie, it could cause them to drop their interest in you.
  • Proof read!!!! Be careful copy/pasting. Poor grammar or incorrect coach/school name will be an instant "Delete".
  • Using a coach as a reference: You should know that their reputation and integrity as a coach referring players to play at the next level requires them to be completely open and honest. For example, if you aspire to play collegiate soccer but never come to practice, that is something they are obligated to bring up. To those that are fully committed, improving, work hard, and are ambitious, they will be your biggest advocate!


What Coaches Are Attending?


To view a list of college coaches registered to attend each tournament, you can click the tab at the top of the event schedule once it's been released.